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The engine for change has to come from the selflessness and sense of service of the individual volunteer, so that the collective consciousness can be aroused – which is essential to bring about sustainability. With this in view Volunteer Chandigarh programme awaken the spirit of volunteerism in youth to improve community, take responsibility for a project, recruit others, and start transforming.

Campaign for Peace-cities:
130 Peace Clubs in Schools & Colleges of of Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula are formed and beneficiaries are 40-50 direct peace club members at each place and their entire School or College thus promoting culture of nonviolence in more than 1,00,000 young students.  

Annual International Peace Festival:
Every year between September 27 (International Day of Tourism) to October 2nd (International Day of Nonviolence & birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi), volunteers of Yuvsatta organize a Peace Festival in Chandigarh to Unite the Youth for a barrier free World. In IYPF 2012 around 500 young people from 41 countries of the world are expected to participate.

Along with local Schools, Yuvsatta has started this year a programme to campaign for a ‘Girl Child Friendly Chandigarh’. Where in, Schools will  organize activities, observe important days/activities related to well being of girl child. Yuvsatta volunteers also started a mass contact programme to mobilize funds from well-off friends and well wishers, Corporate & business houses, educational institutions & public sector undertakings to support some small ideas of change in order to bring big change in the lives of over 1000 marginalized adolescent girls (already identified) living in slum settlements of the city. These girls are the women and mothers of the future. If left to be ignorant of their rights they are destined to be subject to abuse and discrimination. The long term impact expected is a change in societal attitudes towards women.


YUVSATTA initiated a ‘Project Heritage Trees’ in Chandigarh with a mission to preserve, manage, enhance, and expand a vital collection of trees in the city with documenting (where ever available) the historic, scientific, aesthetic, environmental, economic, conservation, and educational value of these trees (majority of them are above 100 year of age) as part of larger biodiversity of this region. Now, process is on for adoption and care of heritage trees in the city.

Greentire Project:
Promoting the concept of more & more people pedaling more often on bicycles in the city, benefiting all the residents of the city alike. And to realize the objective Yuvsatta volunteers regularly organize Inter-School Bicycle Games, Bicycle tours, Bicycle Rallies and events promoting the culture of cycling in the city.

 Project Saluting the soldiers:
Regular events and activities promoting one to one interaction of young people with Defence Forces. Organizing meetings with serving and retired ‘Bravest of the Brave’ is all part of the initiative.


  • Project Bridge;
    With active assistance of Oxfam-India, this is directly mobilizing 200 adolescent youth OF Bapu Dham Colony in Chandigarh, to positively impact their communities on a local and international level. The focus of this project is providing youth leaders with the skills, education and confidence to define and address issues in their communities.
  • Kitab Ghar (Book House):
    Library for 500 marginalized children; Volunteers with 6500 books promotes reading campaigns, organize story telling sessions, bring out a wall newspaper, organize their ‘Bal Panchayat’ sessions and birthday parties for the targeted kids.
  • All Girls SPORTS TeamS;
    Volunteers improve playing skills in Cricket, Football, Frisbee, indoor games of 100 marginalized girls of Bapu Dham Colony and also help them with their studies and see that they remain healthy & take enough nutritious food.
  • HIV/AIDS Intervention Project:
    1000 Female sex workers (FSW’s); Project staff promotes healthy life-style, condoms, regular health check-ups, blood testing for HIV & savings amongst the FSW’s.
  • Self Help Groups (SHG’s):
    In slum areas volunteers of Yuvsatta had started around ten SHG’s involving poor women with an aim to promote their inclusion with banks and promote savings amongst them.
    In two slum areas namely Bapu Dham  Colony & Colony No. 4 of Chandigarh, for a population of around 1,00,000 people Yuvsatta is running free clinics & organizing medical camps to help the marginalized.
    A small Centre christen as ‘KASTURBA GANDHI KENDRA’, for women rising out of slum areas of Chandigarh was set-up at Bapu Dham Colony, Chandigarh. Now, with the help of few art teachers, who’re voluntarily helping with designs, this Kendra is producing handmade ‘WiN Greeting Cards’.

 “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others”-MK Gandhi


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